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We love traditional recipes in Ramadan, especially our own family recipes. So here is my mom's Aish Al Saraya recipe that she makes each year, and the whole family loves it! Aish el Saraya is sort of a bread pudding that is available in many Arab countries. It's very popular in Egypt but can be quite heavy and drenched in syrup. Our recipe is a lot lighter in taste and texture and not so sweet as I don't put loads of sugar in the

Atayef (or qatayef) is a Middle Eastern dessert that resembles mini pancakes (only without eggs), and we only serve them during the Holy month of Ramadan. Atayef are shared among all Arab countries, and we make them with some differences. You can stuff them with nuts or fresh cream and drench them in Arabic sweet syrup. That is slightly different than simple syrup as it has a thicker consistency, and in some countries, they add orange blossom or rose water to the syrup. Something that