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If you're craving a delightful treat without the hassle of baking, this No-Bake Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge is the perfect choice. The combination of rich chocolate, crunchy hazelnuts, and the convenience of a no-bake recipe during the summer heat makes this dessert a crowd-pleaser. It’s is an easy-to-follow recipe with 4 simple ingredients to create a smooth and creamy chocolate fudge infused with the rich nutty flavour of hazelnuts, and sprinkled with sea-salt. You can use any kind of nuts you like or skip them

This Valentine’s Day, let’s whip up a luscious and mouth-watering chocolate mousse recipe with only a few ingredients. Chocolate Mousse rich and silky chocolate mousse recipe 1 3/4 cups whipping cream (separated into 1 cup and 3/4 cup.)4 egg yolks1/4 tsp salt2 tbsp sugar1 tsp vanilla extract200 g semi-sweet or dark chocolate Heat 3/4 cup cream in a small saucepan until hot.Mix together yolks, sugar, and salt in another bowl until combined, then add hot cream in a slow stream, whisking until combined. Transfer the mixture back to