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Whether you’re into food photography, lifestyle, or just snapping family pictures, these tips will take your photoshoots to the next level. I know that they have for me, and with practice, you will see the difference yourself. These tips are brought to you by Hatem Saleh who is a professional photographer and videographer specializing in food and fashion photography and he happens to be my brother-in-law so he’s giving me the inside scoop. The best camera to take a picture with is the one you

If you feel like baking something for your family, or you’re just craving some warm baked goodies, but you have some allergies and need to substitute ingredients, don’t be discouraged just yet. You don’t have to miss out on your favorite foods or flavors, because no matter what type of ingredient you want to eliminate, I can guarantee there are plenty of tasty recipes out there for you. And you just have to adapt them to fit your dietary needs. If you want to bake

Chocolate Ganache is a versatile frosting because there are many ways you can use it. It is made up of only two ingredients: chocolate and whipping cream, and it can be used to make glazes, cake fillings, icings, and whipped frostings. You can change the ratio of chocolate to cream and end up with a totally different consistency and texture. I’ll be sharing how to make it for pouring over desserts, spreading on cakes, and whipping up for decorations. You can use dark chocolate, milk

YAAS to cupcakes, they’re more fun and easy to eat! No fork or hassle and they’re faster to make too. What if you have a favorite cake recipe that you want to convert into cupcakes? Let me tell you how you can do that in 6 simple steps. 1. Choose a standard cake recipe with classic mixing techniques, like a creamed cake where you beat the sugar, fat, and eggs together first. Or oil-based cakes. Do not go for sponges or pound cakes as they

Baking can be a science, and part of that science is accurately measuring ingredients. Unlike cooking where you can throw in a bunch of ingredients or alter a recipe, baking requires precision when adding both your wet and dry ingredients. The amount of flour, sugar or baking soda can dramatically change a recipe. As a home baker, I know that many people use measuring cups and spoons, and some may even use regular cups and mugs they have in their kitchen cabinets. Please don't

Buttercream is also referred to as frosting, and there are many types of frostings that you can use to fill or cover cakes. I use all sorts of buttercream frostings in my baking, from American to Swiss Meringue buttercream. You can read an entire post about The Different Types of Buttercream and if you are adventurous you may even try the Swiss meringue buttercream recipe, but here I'll explain in-depth the seven secrets to getting smooth and delicious American buttercream. American buttercream is made