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February 2023

Are you faced with the delightful dilemma of deciding which frosting to use for your cake? The type of frosting you choose can significantly impact the overall flavor and aesthetics of your creation. Last week I broke down Three Types of Frostings To Cover Cakes, and now I will go more in-depth to compare the two most commonly used buttercream, American and Swiss meringue. In this article, we'll delve deeper into the comparison of two of the most commonly used frostings: American buttercream and Swiss meringue

This Valentine’s Day, let’s whip up a luscious and mouth-watering chocolate mousse recipe with only a few ingredients. Chocolate Mousse rich and silky chocolate mousse recipe 1 3/4 cups whipping cream (separated into 1 cup and 3/4 cup.)4 egg yolks1/4 tsp salt2 tbsp sugar1 tsp vanilla extract200 g semi-sweet or dark chocolate Heat 3/4 cup cream in a small saucepan until hot.Mix together yolks, sugar, and salt in another bowl until combined, then add hot cream in a slow stream, whisking until combined. Transfer the mixture back to

A while back, I did a free masterclass about the different types of frostings to use on cakes and treats, and I broke down the most common types. Because this masterclass's content was so rich and valuable, I decided to share it in a few posts so you can get the most out of it here. So, in this first part, I will share with you three main types of frostings to cover cakes and how to use them, and you can also download

Did you know that there is World Nutella Day? And surprisingly enough, it wasn't created by Ferrero but by a food blogger who loves Nutella. You can read the full story on their website. I'm a Nutella fan myself and create many recipes with it. For example, you can add it to buttercream, fill a chocolate cake with it, or even add it to pancakes. Yum! To celebrate World Nutella Day this year, I want to share this delicious Nutella stuffed cookie recipe. You will

Whether you love to bake or not, there are a few baking pans that every kitchen should have, and especially if you are a baker like me, you will want to expand this list a bit more, so I'll show you the basic pans and the nice to haves. If you are curious about the type of material you should look for when buying your pans, you can read my guide to the Types of Baking Pans. Let's look at all the essential baking