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November 2022

I'm sharing a new cookie recipe every week this holiday season so you can have plenty of baking, whether you want to bake with the kids or gift some holiday treats to your friends and family. These chocolate crinkle cookies are popular holiday cookies, with their signature crackled top and icing sugar dust. Chocolate crinkle cookies are thick, chocolatey, and almost cake-like in texture. They keep well for several days in an air-tight container and make a sweet and delicious giveaway to your loved

Italian buttercream is one of the most delicious and stable recipes you can make. It's silky smooth with a perfect balance of sweetness (not too sweet or too buttery) and pipes beautifully. It's also stable enough to use in cake fillings, coatings, and under fondant. It might seem a bit more technical than your basic American buttercream or Swiss Meringue buttercream because it involves pouring hot syrup onto egg whites. Still, it's worth trying, especially if you have mastered the first two types. You

There's nothing better than a perfectly chewy and chocolatey chocolate chip cookie, especially if you bake it yourself and you know you're working with a great recipe. I know there are hundreds of chocolate chip cookie recipes out there, and everyone has their favorite. I've tried so many old and new recipes, online and from recipe books, popular ones like Tasty's and complex ones like Cook's Illustrated, and THIS right here is by far my favorite, and certainly a crowd pleaser since my friends