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October 2022

Are you looking for a way to express yourself through cake decorating? Then this course is perfect for you! Decorate With Confidence is an online cake decorating class that will help you master the basics of baking cakes, creating delicious buttercream, and decorating. Inside the course, you will get my step-by-step process, from cake planning to creating a professional three-layered cake design.  I'm passionate about helping bakers succeed with the recipes and methods I provide, and I will guide you through every step. That's why I poured

Carrot cake is an all-time favorite cake flavor and it’s timeless, so to substitute white sugar with a natural sweetener like honey it was very important to keep the recipe simple and delicious so it can be easy to follow and give great results. By following this recipe, you will decrease the amount of sugar in the cake by 50%! In this recipe, I even swapped the icing sugar in the frosting with honey, and the result was overwhelming. But do not expect to pipe