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April 2022

We love traditional recipes in Ramadan, especially our own family recipes. So here is my mom's Aish Al Saraya recipe that she makes each year, and the whole family loves it! Aish el Saraya is sort of a bread pudding that is available in many Arab countries. It's very popular in Egypt but can be quite heavy and drenched in syrup. Our recipe is a lot lighter in taste and texture and not so sweet as I don't put loads of sugar in the

During Ramadan, one of our food traditions is to have soup and sambousa at iftar time. So, every Tuesday during Ramadan, I'm sharing one of my staple soup recipes on Instagram Stories. As for Sambousa, these are little savory pastries stuffed with cheeses, beef, chicken, or vegetables. Most Arab countries have their versions of these little pastries, from the shapes, stuffing, and how they cook them. Since my son had spring break, he helped me make sambousa dough, getting messy with flour, water, and oil

A big part of Ramadan gatherings is having meals with family and loved ones and sharing dishes and desserts. We pull out all our favorite Arabic dessert recipes in Ramadan, such as kunafa and katayef, but sometimes I like to get creative and make something different. A rich baked mini cheesecake with a gluten-free crust and a tangy, creamy top. I incorporated Ramadan flavors with dates in the base and top while still having the classic cheesecake flavors with every bite.   Mini Date Cheesecakes For the