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March 2022

I recently posted a Swiss meringue buttercream recipe and showed a video using it with a light and fluffy vanilla cake. After that, I received a lot of comments about that cake. Everyone wanted the recipe. The thing is, it’s hard to find a great vanilla cake recipe. For some reason, chocolate is easy because it uses a ton of cocoa powder for great flavor, and it uses oil for moisture. But a vanilla cake is pure in its form and has nothing to

Swiss Meringue buttercream is silky, buttery, and tastes less sweet than American buttercream. If you are a beginner at baking and making frosting, I suggest you start with American buttercream frosting. You can read my 7 Secrets to Smooth American Buttercream and download the recipe. If your eye is set on Swiss meringue buttercream, the recipe involves beating egg whites and sugar over a double-boiler until the sugar has melted. Next, whip it into a meringue until it cools, and then add the butter and