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January 2022

A Bundt cake is simple and beautiful to present to your family or guests. Bundt pans come in various designs and styles and create a stunning presentation served with a glaze or dusted with icing sugar on top. But when you bake that cake and it's time to flip it over, you hold your breath that it will turn out smoothly. To release the stress (and the cake out of the pan), you want to create a non-stick layer between the pan and the

If you are looking for low-sugar baking, then this Bundt cake is for you. It's low in sugar because it contains raw cane sugar rather than refined white sugar. You can also use ground coconut sugar if cane sugar is not available. This recipe will give you a tall cake with a tender crumb and rich citrus flavor. I added a hefty amount of orange juice and zest to the cake batter to make the citrus flavor loud and clear and rounded it off

This blog section is dedicated to health-ish baking, such as recipes with reduced sugar, gluten-free, or eggless. Since there's a growing emphasis on reducing sugar intake, I wanted to show you how to make deliciously baked goods with almost half the sugar intake. Yes, eating fewer baked goods is one way to reduce sugar. But what's a birthday without cake or Thanksgiving without pie? Moderation is key to any dietary change, and I think the recipes in this section balance great taste with improved

You've probably encountered recipes that call for baking soda or baking powder. But what's the difference between these two pantry staples, and can you use one instead of the other? Let's break it down in easy-to-understand terms. You might know baking soda by its other names: sodium bicarbonate or bicarbonate of soda. It's a versatile ingredient that can do wonders in your baking adventures. Can I Swap Them? This is a common question among home-bakers. The answer? It depends on the recipe. Baking soda and