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January 2021

My family is a big fan of soft and chewy cookies, especially if they're crispy around the edges and moist and flavorful inside. So I'm always on the lookout for the best cookie recipes, and I play around with ingredients adding and tweaking until I reach the right balance of ingredients, flavors, and texture. My husband's favorite oatmeal cookies are actually Starbucks cookies, but I always found them too sweet, so I wanted to make him some with less sugar and more flavors, and

Homemade bread is always a treat to have and the kids love to help with kneading, shaping, and most certainly eating it fresh from the oven, this braided bread is no different. It's easier than it looks to create the braid, and it looks too good coming out of the oven all golden and puffed up! People usually get intimidated from baking bread because of the process it takes and there's always the question of whether it will rise. I have two easy tips for