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November 2020

If you have children, you probably often order or make pizza. But my son requests it more than I make it, so instead of ordering from various restaurants, I prefer to have pizza dough in the freezer so I can pop out anytime and have a quick and delicious homemade pizza for dinner. After trying several mediocre pizza dough recipes, I wanted a go-to recipe that rises and produces excellent pizza every time. Still, my main issue was getting the base of the pizza

There is absolutely nothing wrong with freezing cakes. All bakers and bakeries do it with baked goodies such as cakes, cupcakes, and even buttercream. The best and easiest way to make a cake ahead of time is to freeze the unassembled and undecorated layers, and guess what? It tastes just as good and as fresh as a same-day cake. It's even easier to stack and decorate frozen solid cakes than those flakey soft ones fresh out of the oven. Let me tell you how to