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Hi, I’m Manar.

I’d like to welcome you to my cake classes. The classes that will transform your baking confidence and make you decorate beautiful cakes!

First, you will surprise yourself and then you will surprise your friends and family with all the new skills you will learn here!

Types of Classes


Check out Decorate With Confidence online class

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Join me for an in-person workshop in Dubai

CAKE CLASSES - Craftsy Cakes
Bushra Shamim

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At first, I couldn't make smooth buttercream frosting and get sharp edges on my cakes. I did many baking classes online and in-person, but I still couldn't get over these issues. Craftsy Cakes cake decorating workshop was the best experience of all. Manar explained every step of cake stacking and decorating in great depth and very thoroughly. She was very supportive and calm, and she taught me how to make easy, delicious, and smooth buttercream frosting and decorate the cake using trendy cake styles. I truly learned a lot from joining Craftsy Cakes workshop.

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Samah Fahs

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An awesome cake decorating and learning experience! The class was so informative, packed with many helpful tips on cake baking and decorating, and so much fun! Manar's attention to detail is brilliant. I loved the little tips I received on making the perfect buttercream, stacking the cake, and smoothing the frosting on the cake. It was really a game-changer for me, and I look forward to continuing baking and decorating beautiful cakes with these skills!